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fun night!!....

So Last night I was suppose to hang out with patrick, But plans Changed to hang out tonight.. I phone in to work sick, So We could hang out... And So Anyways, I meet him at the mall, And We Talk And Walk Around, And We get along Really Well..
He Was so cute and funny... And just as messed up as I am!.. He Won Me A Little Shark!! It's so Cute!!
At about 8 oclock, W ehad no idea what to do, So I asked if he wanted to phone doug and natasha, so We Did, And I Convinced them to come to the mall to hang out with us.... So After that, we went to walmart, looked around a bit..
I Found the rest of amanda's Gift, So I'm done shopping for her...
After that, We drove around for a bit... Patrick And I cuddled in the back!.. It Was nice..
And I know he probably Won't Read this, but If You do Read this pat, You Do have The Best hair!.. :P!...
Anyways.... So After we drop patrick off, Doug And natasha come here for A while... We Watched the Within Temptation concert on my computer...
And Then They Went home...

And Anyways, That was my night....

And now last night..
don't know if I wrote about this in here yet or not, but I Will write about it agian..
Tairie Came over... We Got Drunk.. Then We Headed out to the OH..
Denver Was Laura were there.. Twas Nice seeing her again... And Then andrea was there too!.. I haven't seen her since school... And crystal And Laura show up too, It Was fun!... We Dance a lot...

Anyways, I Hope I see patrick again sometime soon.. I had fun!!
that was my night!!..

that Is all For Tonight!
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