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Sacrifice the Holy Ones!

I Want To be with you again, to be held by you again, To have your lips pressed against mine, holding you hand, And Smile As The Time goes By. When We Don't Realize The Time until You have to leave, and I Sit Quietly, thinking about you, And everything you mean to me.. You Are My Hope And My dream...

Everything is shattered by the screams of The Agony Soul that feeds on the pain.. A Loneliness To Be Given to me, And happiness spread amongst the others.

This All Make Sense in My Head, along with the thoughts and the voices that scream my name And Scream for help.. There is nothing I Can Do for You Anything Little ones. I have given up on you, And have taken into consideration that maybe you should die too.
But How Would I Live without you. You are what keeps me sane, And Make Me insane... others don't see, and Neither do I, But I know You Are in there!...

I Love You.

Everything will be fine in the end, And My heart will no longer ache when I See you! Everything will be fine...

Everything is fine!
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