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I can't please Everybody!...

FUCK... okay... So I did what I WANTED To Do Tonight... okay, So there was a lot of things I wanted to do tonight, but I Could only do one thing.. I Can't fucking please everyone... So If you're going to be pissed off, Then be fucking pissed.. I Don't care!!...

I had someone Wanting me to go to the movies tonight.
A different person wanted me to go to the movies..
Two friends wanting me to go to the OH with them
Pat wanting to hang out(which I'm really sorry pat, I Would of loved to hang out)
And Friends Who Asked Me WEEKS ago, to hang out tonight... (they have been planning this forever)..

so.. I Wanted to hang out with all of them, But I just couldnt...
I Decided to hang out with Tairie And James And go to Jame's CD release party, because They asked me weeks ago, And I told them weeks ago that If I Was available to Go out Tonight, That I Woudl hang out with Them!... So, They Asked first, I went to see them!..
And Now, There Are people... Just one person really, Who Is pissed off at me, because I woudln't hang out with her...

Well, Fuck off, And get over it!.. I'm sorry, But Really... I said yes to james and tair Weeks Ago, And so I Went with them!....

Anyways, I have to go now, so That is all for now!!..

Congrats on your CD james.. It's Awesome!!!..
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Yeah, first person to make plans with you is the one you hang out with, that's what I do ^_~