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Xmas list!

MELANIE, What do you Want for Xmas?... I'm asking early on, because If you wanted anything That I could only get online, Then I Want to order it early enough, So It gets here in time....

for my own Xmas List.. There is nothing that I want really...
I've thought about it over and over, and the only thing I Really Want is to See My Friends Who moved away, who I can't see anymore.....
Which Is why on My list, That Brandi And I made, The only thing I had on there was:
A drive up to fredericton

The reason money was on there, Was so That I Could either go up to fredericton, and plus, I'm Always worried abotu money... But Oh Well...

Anyways, I Will uopdate again later.. brandi just got home....
That is all!
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